Anchorage Lions Club

Our Lions assisting with the Alaska Ride for Life two day bicycle ride from Anchorage to Seward, helping to raise funds to eliminate mortality from colorectal cancer in Alaska. September 23 and 24, 2011.


Ingram Creek checkpoint at the base of Turnagain Pass: Lion Father Norm Elliott, Liz, Lion Norm Duquette, Lion Bjarne Holm, Robin Holm, Allison Hull, Veronica Haberthner, Kathryn Renfro, and Veronica Finn. After battling long distances in stiff headwinds, cyclists would soon have a strong tail wind as they sailed into this food station.


Lion Norm Duquette and Liz Leng supply peanut butter, jelly and water for hungry and thirsty cyclists.

Ingram Creek. More than one use for a horse trailer.


Turnagain aide station volunteers Robert Smith, Lion Colette and Boyd Moring, Emily Smith, and Lion Jim Magowan.

Turnagain aide station helpers Sarah Smith and Lion Mary Hoekzema.

Turagain Pass helpers Lion Colette Moring and Emily Smith.

Cyclists arriving at the Kenai Lake aide station on the second day of the ride, half way to Seward.

Kenai Lake aide station volunteers Lions Mary and Bob Hoekzema and Bjarne Holm.

Finish line in Seward by AVTEC, offering food and a welcomed shower. Lions Dave (shown her in the center) and his wife Cindy Beardsley headed up the finish line efforts on behalf of the Seward Resurrection Bay Lion Club. Bicycles at the end of the ride are wrapped in blankets and taken by the van shown in the photo back to anchorage.