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Friday, August 3, Lunch

Lion Craig Kauffman

* Cruising on the Amazon River. ( Food Bank Day)

Friday, August 10, Lunch

Zone 3 Meeting

* Our club will once again host the Zone 3 Meeting of Lions Clubs, with Alaska Sno-X, Mt. McKinley Lions, and Anchorage Latino Lions joining us. Cabinet meeting next day.

Friday, August 17, Lunch


* Thanks to Lion Father Elliott an agent with the FBI will present a program this Friday at Lions Lunch on the Work done by the FBI in Anchorage.

Friday, August 24, Lunch

Gary "Gus"Gustafson

* Gus will show images from a safari in Botswana he and his wife took earlier this year. See the spectacular animals: elephants, lions, tigers, wild dogs, hippos, etc...form a part of the world not often visited by Americans. You may decide a similar trip should be on your bucket list.

Friday, August 31, Lunch

Governor Esther West?

* I believe Lion Gayle Quinn became a Lion this day with the help of our District 49A Governor Esther West.

Other Activities


Saturday, August 11 * 49A 1st Cabinet Meeting. Host Zone 4.

Saturday, August 18

* Food Distribution Joint Project with Latinos Lions Club 10:00 AM until 1:00 PM at Hispanic Cultural Center 4233 Mt. View Drive.

Monday, August 20

* Joint Sight Meeting at the Spenard Lions Club House, 2108 Roosevelt Drive, Anchorage. Start 5:30 PM.

Thursday, August 23 * 6:30 PM meeting at Sea Galley to plan Great Pumpkin Festival.

Monday, August 27

* Anchorage Lions Board Meeting at 5:30 PM at Denny's restaurant at Benson and Denali Streets.

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