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Friday, February 3, Lunch

April Merchant

* April is president of Midnight Sun Service Dogs. MSSD provides veterans and active military personnel with dogs who are trained to assist with PTSD. She may bring along one of her well-trained labradoodles (they're hypoallergenic) and it's been cleared with the Westmark. The dog's name is Duke. He is certified as a service dog.
The website is MSSD. (thanks Lion David J.) ( Food Bank Day)

Friday, February 10, Lunch

Past District Governor from California

* Past District Governor from California 4L6 gave a presentation on the Rose Parade, and the Lions entry in the parade. Barbara Mahoney will reschedule.

Friday, February 17, Lunch

Dr. Frederic (Ric) Wilson

* Ric is a research geologist with the U.S. Geological Survey, and his task is to integrate the published and unpublished work of other geologists into an overall geologic map of Southcentral Alaska. Often these geologists have conflicting interpretations, and the last compilation predates the general acceptance of plate tectonics. Ric will share the final results of his efforts.

Friday, February 24, Lunch

No Meeting

* The world will have gone to the dogs, with the Sprint Dog Wold Championships going on right outside the hotel at noon. Karen Matthias will reschedule.

Other Activities


Saturday, February 4
* 49A - 3rd Cabinet Meeting Eagle River.
Saturday, February 11

* Frank Reed Memorial Service, Saturday, February 11, 2:00 PM, First Presbyterian Church, 616 W 10th Avenue, Anchorage.

Saturday, February 18

* Food Distribution Joint Project with Latinos Lions Club 10:00 AM until 1:00 PM at Hispanic Cultural Center 4233 Mt. View Drive.

Monday, February 20

* Joint Sight Meeting at the Spenard Lions Club House, 2108 Roosevelt Drive, Anchorage. Start 5:30 PM.

Monday, February 27

* Anchorage Lions Board Meeting at 5:30 PM at the Westmark Hotel.

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