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Friday, May 4, Lunch

Karla Jutzi

* Karla, Executive Director of the Alaska Center for the Blind, will tell us about all their programs and new outreach efforts, helping to equip Alaskans who are blind and visually impaired for success in life and work. (Food Bank Day)

Friday, May 11, Lunch

State Senator Cathy Giessel

* Senator Giessel will give us an update regarding issues being debated and pending legislation in Juneau. Issues covered might include taxation of oil production, or the cause for high gasoline prices in Alaska.

Friday, May 18, Lunch

John Tippets

* John will talk about his dad, Lion Joseph Tippets, who survived the Gillam crash. Lion Joseph was an early member of the Anchorage Lions Club in the 1940's. Harold Gillam was a famous Alaska Bush pilot in the '30s and '40s....he was called "Thrill-em, Spill-em, Chill-em, but no Kill-em, Gillam". The "Gillam crash" was January 5th 1943 near Ketchikan, On the 5th day Harold struck out to find rescue for his four surviving passengers, but he died in that effort. Dad and three others survived for a month, 'Hearts of Courage' is Dad's story of that survival. More Information.

Friday, May 25, Lunch

(no meeting)

* Memorial Day Weekend.

Other Activities


Saturday, May 5 * Street Clean-Up. Meet in the Aces parking lot, corner of 15th Avenue and Gambell. Coffee and donuts will be served. As a club we just sighned a three year contract to keep this area of the city clean. There is lots of trash, so bring boots and gloves.
Saturday, May 5 * Community Band Concert, 7:00 PM East High School
Tuesday, May 8 * Thank You, Donors, Volunteers, Partners. Help the Alaska Center for the Blind celebrate 35 years of the Alaska Center for the Blind & Visually Impaired, 5:30-7:00 PM, Petreoleum Club of Anchorage, 3301 C Street, Ste 120 (Calais II).

Saturday, May 19

* Food Distribution Joint Project with Latinos Lions Club 10:00 AM until 1:00 PM at Hispanic Cultural Center 4233 Mt. View Drive.

Monday, May 21

* Joint Sight Meeting at the Spenard Lions Club House, 2108 Roosevelt Drive, Anchorage. Start 5:30 PM.

Monday, May 28

* Anchorage Lions Board Meeting has been postponed a week to avoid disrupting the Memorial Day Holidays

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