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Friday, February 1, Lunch

Jane Thomas

* Jane will share tips on how we can be better prepared for emergency situations - like the next big one. See her web site: MoreReadyToday. Jane has been a drilling engineer for ARCO, and an environmental engineer for Hewlett-Packard. She currently works for AECOM, and is on contract with Eni Petroleum, helping to ensure that their North Slope operations are performed in an environmentally friendly manner. (Food Bank Day). (thanks Lion Gayle) ( Food Bank Day)

Friday, February 8, Lunch

Kato Haunga

* Our club is helping to sponsor the soon to be formed Polynesian Lions Club. Kato of the new Polynesian Lions Club wil speak on her project of creating a library at her native Tonga. She has so far collected about 40,000 books, and you'll be surprised to hear how those books will be sent to Tonga.

Friday, February 15, Lunch

No Speaker

* Valentines Day Party with our spoused, family and frienhds. $24 per person. Buffet lunch at the Westmark Hotel.

Friday, February 22, Lunch

Former Alaska Governor Bill Scheffield

* Former Governor Bill Scheffield will share a PowerPoint presentation with us to promote the in state gas pipeline from Prudhoe Bay to Point MacKenzie. Now there is something to root for. This meeting will follow our new Open House Format. (thanks Lion Craig).

Other Activities


Saturday, February 2
* District 49A - 3rd Cabinet Meeting & 3rd Quarter Council of Governors Meeting Eagle River.
Friday, February 15 - 18

* Multiple District 49 Leadership Academy.

Friday, February 15 * Anchorage Lions Club Valentines Day Party. Time and Place?

Saturday, February 16

* Food Distribution Joint Project with Latinos Lions Club 10:00 AM until 1:00 PM at Hispanic Cultural Center 4233 Mt. View Drive.

Monday, February 18

* Joint Sight Meeting at the Spenard Lions Club House, 2108 Roosevelt Drive, Anchorage. Start 5:30 PM.

Monday, February 25

* Anchorage Lions Board Meeting at 5:30 PM, Denny's Restaurant at Benson Blvd. and Denali Street.

Thursday, February 28 * Many of you will remember Dr. Jack Hickel when he came to give a presentation to our club about the Alaska Sudan Medical Project. The project has suffered a setback after a fire at their clinic, but they are rebuilding. This is a really heroic effort. Dr. Hickel works on the project with Dr. Jill Seaman, who this month has a full feature page in this month's National Geographic.There will be a multi Lions club gathering for a presentation on the project at Noon, Thursday, February 28th, Anchorage Senior Center. Come join us for lunch.
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