Bob and Millie Renkert 60th Year Wedding Aniversary.

June 28, 2007

Bob and Millie with their children and grandchildren, celebrating their 60th wedding aniversary on a glorious sunny day in their back yard..

A BBQ with lots of family and friends.

Former Alaska Govenor Tony Knowles, Anchorage Lion Frank Reed and Maxine Reed ( left to right ).

Former Alaska Govenor Tony Knowles along with his wife Susan, present to honor Bob and Millie.

Anchorage Lion Father Norm Elliott prepares the delicasy of the afternoon.

Muktuk!!!!! The fin of a bowhead whale, raw skin and blubber, an acquired taste!!!!!

Anchorage Lions President-elect Bob Hoekzema with his wife Mary, Dot Watts, and current Anchorage Lions President Vern Watts, and Anchorage Lion Teresa Smith.

( left to right )

( left to right) Joyce Styrachan, Bette Beu, Ellie MaGowan, and Anchorage Lions Ed Beu and Jim MaGowan.

Three of Bob and Millie's grandchildren: Tom, Laurel and Matthew.

Anchorage Lions Club member Bob with Millie and their three sons: Jim. Charles and Andy. Bob was president of the Anchorage Lions Club 1986 / 1987.