bAlaska Ride for Life fund raising bicycle ride from Anchorage to Summit Lake and onto Seward.

June 23 and 24, 2012

Supported by the Anchorage Lions, Seward Resurrection Bay Lions, Alaska Sno-X Lions and Anchorage Captain Cook Lions Clubs

During the past 9 years this event has raised over $700,000 with the goal of elimination mortality from colorectal cancer. The vast majority of these funds have gone to the Anchorage Neighborhood Health Center. As a result many screening tests and colonoscopies are provided for individuals who would otherwise not have access to these medical services. As part of this program physicians donate their time, significantly reducing the cost of colonoscopies. Over the last few years the attitude of individuals in our community has significantly changed. Prior to this time the Anchorage Neighborhood Clinic struggled throughout the year, trying to convince people to be screened. Now the Center reports that the so many individuals are asking for screening and treatment for colorectal cancer that funds are used up within a few months each fiscal year. Larry Holman, the organizer of this event, is a survivor of stage three colorectal cancer. The spread of the cancer could have been easily been eliminated with the scheduling of periodic colonoscopies.


Mr. Renfro, Pat Kauffman, Kathlyn Renfro, Robin Holm, Lion Bjarne Holm, Lion Norm Duquette, soon to be Lion Gayle Quinn, Lions Vice District Governor Lewis Quinn, Lion Father Norm Elliott, and Lion Pat Kauffman. A real Lions party with memers of the Anchorage Lions Club, and the weather was pretty good as well.


Cyclists refueling at the top of Turnagain Pass. Ellie and Lion Jim Magowan's motor home.


Lions in training Robert and Sarah Smith, Lion Bill Elam and grandma Lion Mary Hoekzema keep cyclists energized.


Lion Bob Hoekzema, Sarah Smith, Ellie Magowan, Robert Smith Lion, Mary Hoekzema, Lion Jim Magowan and Lion Bill Elam. Glorious sunshine.


It always seems to rain on the second day. Lion Jim and Ellie Magowan keep the hot water coming. Cup-a-Soups were the hot item here at the Kenai Lake aide station.



Ellie and Lions Jim Magowan and Bjarne Holm working the Kenai Lake checkpoint.


Finish line of the 2012 Alaska Ride for Life at the AVTEC Center, organized by Lions Dave and Cindy Bearsley with the Seward Resurrection Bay Lions Club. The AVTEC Center provided wonderful warm showers.